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Gemini2 v5.1 para 500HD

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Gemini2 v5.1 para 500HD Empty Gemini2 v5.1 para 500HD

Mensagem por Framptom em Qui Jun 09, 2011 4:28 pm

Gemini2 v5.1
Enigma from 21.07.2010

Function Buttons:
* BLUE - Blue Panel (BP)
* BLUE long - Picture in Picture (DM7025, DM8000)
* 2x BLUE - BP -> Gemini Extras
* BLUE RED - File-Manager
* RED - Recording (not for DM8000)
* GREEN - Quickbutton / Subservices
* YELLOW - Timeshift (not for DM8000)

* Addon and Plugin Server
* Cryptinfos of the channel or Cam, Stick Cam to certain channels
* Function for managing many daemons / server (BP -> Services/Daemons)
* optical enhancements like HD-skin, additional icons or modification of the channel list
* Manager for format, setup or mount devices (BP -> Device-manager)
* Additional EPG-functionality like Autosave, Refresh or different EPG-format view
* Particular addons like Dreamnetcast, Jukebox, Calendar, eMail or eTorrent, just to name some of them
* Quickbutton, to define functionality of the Green button via menun
* Detailled information about your Dreambox (Menu -> Information)
* File-Manager, which can handle different format-types, regardless whether it is a picture-, audio-, videoformat, playlists, torrent, scripts or DVD-files (BP -> File-Manager)
* complete handling of hard disks, DVD-drives, USB-Sticks changed to udev (system handels those devices by itself)

* HFS- and HFSPlus filesystems included
* Info about new release. Atcivate over BP->Settings->General. Then will blink a "R" in the Infobar, if something new is out. The Check will be done between 00:00 and 01:00.
* Partitions can be named anytime now.
* The Filemanager can start everytime with the same selectable folder now.
* OpenVPN now supported, in our wiki is already described, how to use the dream as server.
* Webinterface for ctorrent

Fixes + Updates:
* better support for Unicable
* Countries/Cities lists extended in the Weatherplugin
* update to ctorrent 3.3.2, addon revised
* see CVS

For the Skiners:
A Change in the network-overview and in Skin_Config2Button (have a look at BKskin.py)

This image doesn't contain any keys or softcams!
Backups or other modified images are not released by us
and won't be supported in any way!!!

Download = [Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver este link.]

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Idade : 45
Localização : Neptuno


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Gemini2 v5.1 para 500HD Empty Re: Gemini2 v5.1 para 500HD

Mensagem por melhel em Sex Out 18, 2013 2:32 pm

como se pode meter links aqui no forum?

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